Tango40 4G/3G/ Wifi small footprint bolt thru antenna



  • 39.8mm body diameter x 77.9mm length
  • 5dBi gain at 4G/2600MHz
  • outdoor rugged antenna
  • N-type female connector

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The Tango 40 is a wide band outdoor antenna aimed at the 4G / wifi frequency but equally capable of 3G and 2G frequencies.

With a small footprint of 39.8mm diameter the Tango 40 can be positioned into small places or on cabinets with curved or non flat surfaces easily. The Tango 40 has an N type jack connector making it even easier to mount the antenna and then screw an RF cable  with an N-type plug connector to it .

Check our RF cables for a suitable N type male connector based cable and your choice of connector the other end.

The Tango 40 is intended as an all weather antenne and seals itself the mounting surface with and integral rubber washer




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