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The cable guide you won’t want to hide

You might remember me telling you before, but here at Siretta our pride is having documentation that will help you choose the best product for your application.

How? to WOW! with Siretta top tips…

Here at Siretta, our core focus is to provide advice and solutions that help our customers - like you - get the most out of their applications. Whether it is analysing cellular strength to see which network provider offers the best signal, or even something as boring as picking the right antenna, Siretta are here to provide a whole host of knowledge and expertise.


NEW ANTENNA CATALOGUE – shout about it… then download it!

Here at Siretta, we pride ourselves in having documentation to fulfil our customers’ needs! Whether it is a product overview flyer for a quick introduction or a fully-fledged manual to help you get your product up and running – we’ve got it somewhere, and if we haven’t, it’s coming right up!


Get your signal from no to GO!

Imagine living on a remote farm, in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by nothing but fresh air and beautiful views. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, nowadays you need more than beautiful views and being connected to the internet is one of them… especially if you also have a business to run.


How to get a permanent wireless serial link

linkCONNECT 2G and 3G modems - FOR DUMMIES If you are anything like me, you will hardly ever go to the gym… and for those of you wondering what a gym is, it is a public place you can go to exercise, get fit, or just admire all the really good looking people!


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