RG58 - TNC Male to FME Female - 3M



  • Up to 6GHz
  • FME Female
  • TNC Male
  • RG58

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The Siretta extension cable range offers a number of different connector types and cable length options to help meet your specific requirements for RF installation. Typically, these cables are used for general antenna extension and network infrastructure connection for industrial and professional applications. The effectiveness of your wireless application is often influenced by being able to mount your antenna in the most optimum position for signal strength. A Siretta extension cable can help achieve this and gain the best performance from your wireless application. Siretta's range of RF extension cable assemblies are made with high quality RG58 coaxial cable. The inherent low loss of the RG58 allows longer cable runs to be employed while maintaining acceptable signal strength. The RG58 is robust and flexible, but with a diameter of 4.95mm, it is not suitable for applications where a tight bend radius of less that 20mm is required.

This product page contains TNC male to FME female extension cable assemblies using RG58 coax cables. The FME is one of the most commonly used connector types for wireless systems due to their compact size and reliable screw engagement with the mating connector. TNC connectors are often used for outdoor applications due to their inherent weather resistance. The TNC male to FME female cable assembly is offered in both 3 meter and 5 meter cable lengths.

You are currently viewing the 3 metre version of the TNC Male to FME Female RG58 RF cable.


RG58 TNC Male to FME Female


RG58 - TNC Male to FME Female - 3M
1+ £10.28
5+ £9.04



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