Miniature bolt-through 4G / 3G antenna



  • very small size - 23mm diameter and 22mm height
  • 1710-2170 / 2500-2700 MHz freq ranges
  • 2dBi gain across the ranges
  • ABS plastic body
  • 1/4 inch 36UNS bolt-thru screw thread
  • -30 to +60˚C operating temp range

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The Tango 45/46 family of miniature antennas are unusual miniature antennas for use with 2G/3G/4G signals.  The  Tango 46 being the smaller of the two at  23 x 22mm and with a gain of 2dBi across the frequencies. The Tango45/46 antennas answer the need for small equipment that is primarily 3 or 4G enabled that does not want physically large antennas or long jointed antenna types. 

The Tango 46 achieves its small size by confining its frequency range to 3G and 4G only and with a 2dBi gain across thois range compared with the wider range higher gain but taller Tango 45.

The Tango 46 is made from ABS plastic and is tough enough for most situations. The Tango 46 comes with a rubber O ring for use on its stud whilst bolting it to a panel or box. It means the antenna can be in in rainy situations if desired, however it is not intended as a vandal proof tough antenna.

The Tango 46 comes with 100mm of RG316 cable and an IPEX / uFL connector as the antenna will perform best witha  short cable. However, the cable can be made to the length required for an MOQ. Other connectors can be used, again for an MOQ and they must be smaller than 1/4" in diameter (6.35mm) to ensure that they will fit through the panel to which the stud is to be screwed to finally. This rules out the standard SMA male connector for this antenna.

The operating temp range is from -30 to +60˚C which is in line with this kind of antenna and give plenty of scope for it to be used in many environmental situations.


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Miniature bolt-through 4G / 3G antenna
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