Combined LTE and Wifi antennas with 0.5M cables & SMA male connector for LTE and SMA male RP for Wifi



  • two separate antennas in one package
  • 46mm dia x 15mm deep bolt through antenna
  • 1880 - 1900MHz GPRS + 2572 - 2635 MHz LTE
  • 2400MHZ Wifi

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The Tango 43 family combines two antennas in one package similar to the Tango 24, Tango 19 and Tango 20 antennas. This formula has proved a very popular style of antenna combining small size with robust build and IP67 characteristics. The Tango 43 is ideal for  4G / Wifi router products now starting to be popular, typically the Siretta MICA and QUARTZ series of routers for example.

The Tango 43 has a 12mm diameter stud to bolt the antenna to a surface. The maximum surface thicknes that the Tango43 can handle is around 10-11mm.  The Tango 43 has 2.5M cables but other cable and connector variants are available.




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