LTE + 868MHz ISM band dual port panel mount puck antenna



  • LTE antenna plus 868MHZ antenna in one package
  • small size puck style - 80mm diameter

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The Tango 37 answers the need for a single antenna package that can operate local wireless connections between sensor and control units and similar, but can also has the antenna for long range connections ove the GSM network. This antenna is just right for many IOT applications where the two wireless requirements are coincident in an application.

Typically, many local short range wireless requirements are for switching products on an off in building but without using wires from the controller to the actual switch. Additionally if the same controller needs to be receiving or send information on a wider scale then an  LTE modem or router is an accpeted way of doing this. Up until now this kind of situatoin would need two separate antennas as they have not been combined until now.  The Tango 37 is a small package (80mm dia x 13mm) for two antennas and is IP65 rated so can be outside and is weatherproof. With the coming of buildings being controlled from afar over the internet & mobile phones, this antenna makes the job easy. Think NEST temperature controllers for the home.  Whilst they use wifi for long distance communication it could be LTE - and of course their local switching is 868MHz - the best ISM frequency for maximum penetration through old  (and new) walls


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LTE + 868MHz ISM band dual port panel mount puck antenna
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