IPEX to SMA Female Bulkhead 200mm 1.13 cable



  • SMA Female
  • uFL
  • 1.13mm Coax
  • Right Angle
  • Bulkhead

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The IPEX to SMA female bulkhead cable assembly is ideal for PCB to panel connection in a wide range of RF and wireless applications. The IPEX is a miniature male board connector, also physically intermateable with the U.FL type. This is connected to a bulkhead mount SMA female connector via 1.13mm RF cable. The SMA is probably the most widely used RF interface connector with secure screw mounting to the mating half counterpart.

Providing a simple means of bringing board level signals to an external I/O port, this assembly is available in four convenient lengths from 100mm to 300mm. Suitable for a range of industrial and professional applications, the use of high quality components and termination ensure a reliable service for both prototyping and production requirements.

The 1.13mm cable is the most popular of the thinner RF cables. Widely used for PCB to subsystem or PCB to bulkhead connection, this miniature 50 ohm cable is highly flexible with a tight 4.5mm bend radius allowing convenient routing in confined spaces.

Please note: IPEX is completely compatible with the U.FL


IPEX to SMA Female Bulkhead


IPEX to SMA Female Bulkhead 200mm 1.13 cable



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