quikCONNECT Modem Solutions

2G, 3G, 4G Cellular Modems with GPS and Python

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Key Features:
  • Entry Level through to Advanced Wireless Modems
  • Optional GPS
  • Wirelessly connect with remote assets
  • Advanced Modems for providing control features & programmability
  • AT Commands and Python Scripting compatible
  • Cloud based service available for viewing your devices in a Web-browser
  • RS232/USB to GPRS/3G/4G

The quikCONNECT modem range of four different families go from low cost entry level industrial modems through to advanced level smart solutions. All communicate GSM data - 2G/3G/4G - from your application to your desired monitoring location for analysis / action. 3 of the 4 families also offer GPS as an option.

  • ZEST Family: Cost optimized performer, providing data connectivity - no IO or GPS. 2G+3G
  • ZETA Family: Data connectivity with IO, enabling control, monitoring or switching of items at the remote location. 2G, 3G and 4G
  • ZOOM Family: Socket modem - no case and can be plugged to your PCB.  2G, 3G and 4G, GPS option and IO

The quikCONNECT Advanced Industrial Modems enable greater possibilities with programming capability and access to industry standard networks and interfaces.

  • ZULU Family: Powerful USB / RS232 modem with multiple control & monitoring interfaces.including JTAG, I2C, CANbus, ADC/DAC and much more designed for you to run your applicaiton on the onboard ARM Cortex M4 proceossor.  ZULU is available in 2G/3G and 4G versions and with GPS option, CANbus and wide input voltage making it a great choice for vechicle tracking applications.


linkCONNECT modems,

A range of self managing modems to enable easy connection of remote equipment to a central location using SMS commands to set up and control the modem- See linkConnect range of modems.

Cloud Communication

For any M2M or IoT project,  Siretta modems will provide the 'communication to the cloud' simply and reliably. See cloudConnect range of modem solutions

SirettaPULSE M2M Blog

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Extend your reach with Siretta quality, low-loss RF cables

Acquiring RF signals in poor reception areas (2G/3G/4G), short range wireless communication (line of sight for 433 and 868 MHz) or WifI connection in large buildings will require high gain antennas placed as high as possible to get the best reception. Problem is that the longer the cable length is from the RF equipment to the antenna, the higher the losses and consequently poorer reception. RG174 and RG58 are standard cables that everyone use for RF work, however the losses per metre escalate rapidly the higher the frequency goes. Antennas with cable lengths of 10M, 15M or 20M will suffer considerable loss over the length. It means that a more powerful transmitter and /or a more sensitive receiver is required. This all comes at a price in one way or another. Better to not have the losses there in the first place. Standard RG58 cable has an approximate loss per metre of 1dB at 2.5GHz - Wifi and Euro 4G frequencies. Bear in mind that a loss of 3dB of signal is actually halving the signal strength it is easy to see why systems are not very sensitive if they have long and standard cables to the antenna. Now take the LLC200 low loss RG58 equivalent it has a solid copper core and 2 levels of shielding and special connectors to accommodate the cable. It has a 0.55dB loss per metre at the same 2.5GHz frequency. Bearing in mind the logarithmic nature of measuring in decibels the signal arriving at the end 20M of RG58 cable at 2.5GHz is about 0.07% of what went it to the cable. Alternatively, using the LLC200 cable the signal arriving at the end of the cable is around 12% of what went in. 0.07% versus 12% is a massive difference in signal strength. This is the case for Siretta\'s low loss cable range! Siretta’s low loss extension cables provide the best solution in minimising losses and giving the required RF signal for a successful and continuous wireless connection. Generally speaking low loss cables are not very available as a stock item, however at Siretta we have a complete range of cable lengths and connector styles from stock or very short lead time. Available in cable lengths from 5m to 20m with a vast number of connector combinations, including, SMA, FME, N-Type and TNC etc. Look for the white cable marker telling that it is a Siretta quality cable, its part no. and length.....



The Toughest Antennas in Town

Demanding situations need products that won’t let you down, products that will take whatever life throws at them. For wirelessly connected industrial applications, such as vehicle tracking, the antenna often needs to be even more rugged than the equipment it is connected to. Whilst the end equipment can often be protected or even hidden from view, the antenna represents a significant failure point which needs to be well positioned, often at odds with the need to secure the antenna. Enter the Tango family of compact antennas from wireless specialist Siretta, each and everyone with secure through-hole mounting and seriously tough exteriors. Easily mounted to panels and casings, the Tango antennas are ideal where an unobtrusive solution is required, and options for environmental protection and vandal resistance ensure it will take care of itself. Siretta’s Tango range offers a variety of options to fit purpose for many of today’s RF applications that require a more rugged solution, including; automotive, meter reading, tracking, transport network, outdoor M2M and others within relatively demanding environments. The Tangos are one of Siretta’s most extensive antenna ranges as we aim to provide you with as much choice as possible. Within the Tango range, there are host of different styles and designs to choose from: puck types, shark-fins, low profiles, high gain whips as well as a variety of IP rated and vandal proof antennas. The Tango 14 and 15 antennas offer the low profile options which serve both anti-vandal and covert applications, whilst the Tango 11A & 17 antennas are the ‘rock-hard’, IP67 rated, destruction proof antennas with solid PVC housing, large screw thread studs and ‘round-the-edge’ gaskets. The Tango 19, 20 and 21 are the extremely compact antennas with their small footprint size. Tango products support all the main frequency bands, including; quad band GSM/GPRS, 3G, WiFi, GPS and GLONASS and also comprise the space saving two and three way combination products, with GSM/GPS and GSM/GPS/WiFi in a single package. Find out more about the Tango range


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