LTE advanced Signal and Network Analyser, incorporating liveSCAN & multi-language features for European Frequency Usage

SNYPER-LTE-SPECTRUM (European Frequency Usage)


  • Multi-language capability:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Requires SIM for Operation - see Overview Text
  • 4G/LTE, 3G/UMTS & 2G/GPRS Coverage at EU Frequencies
  • Surveys the cellular network to determine signal strength
  • LTE: Reports back strongest signal of each Mobile Network Operator(MNO)
  • UMTS(3G) & GPRS(2G) report back multiple signals from local base stations
  • As SNYPER-LTE model but with multi survey saving and liveSCAN feature(antenna included in kit)
  • Real time determination of local signal 'hotspot' with liveSCAN
  • Real time determination of direction of maximum signal with liveSCAN

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NEW FEATURE: SNYPER-LTE Spectrum Models now with Multi-Language Facility

The SNYPER-LTE Spectrum is now shipping with a multi-language feature. This means you can now have menus and text in either French, German, Italian or Spanish. The SNYPER-LTE Spectrum is shipped with English as default, but the other languages can be quickly accessed through the "set-up" option from the main menu. Don't forget to save settings once you have made your choice.

Want to enable Superfast M2M Connectivity?

LTE is the latest cellular network infrastructure providing the means for high speed data and video communication. For the machine to machine(M2M) market this means the advancement and introduction of many new and essential industrial applications. Industrial applications will require the deployment of remote assets. Remote assets need reliable connectivity, so how do you determine if you have coverage, and how strong the LTE signal is?  The SNYPER-LTE SPECTRUM is the tool to make this job easy......

What will it do for You?

Want to install or service equipment that uses the cellular network? Then you need to know what the cellular signal strength is where the asset is deployed. The all-new SNYPER-LTE SPECTRUM provides you with cellular signal strength data from surrounding base stations plus some additional unique features, enabling you to:

  • Perform site surveys
  • Save survey results 
  • Download saved results to your PC using the USB cable
  • View results on your PC in csv or stylish HTML
  • Make decisions on which Network Operator(s) will deliver the results your service needs
  • Decide on optimum antenna placement
  • Determine real time signal hotspot 
  • Determine real time the best signal signal direction
  • Assess performance of deployed antenna systems

IMPORTANT: SNYPER-LTE Spectrum requires a SIM for Operation

SNYPER-LTE Spectrum requires a SIM for operation, and it is highly recommended that you ensure you have the SIM or SIMs to gain results from all "local" mobile network operators(MNO's). 


The SNYPER-LTE Spectrum is a high performance cellular signal and network analyser for the LTE (4G) / UMTS(3G) and GPRS(2G) networks, with coverage for the European frequency bands. Used as an invaluable tool for the surveying and commissioning of wireless systems, the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum has a host of new features, but still uses the SNYPERs same intuitive menus. Ideal for the busy engineer and installer. Building on our many years of signal tester experience, the new SNYPER-LTE range provides market leading performance and functionality, at a highly competitive price.

How easy is it to use SNYPER-LTE Spectrum?

The menus and operation of the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum have been designed to be as logical and intuitive as possible, making the unit very simple to use. A large high contrast LCD display ensures that all information is clearly visible, and allows for the presentation of considerable data at the same time. The SNYPER-LTE Spectrum also allows for considerable customisation of settings including automatic power off, charging rate, sound, and display colour and contrast.  Once you have the results you have the opportunity to store them on the device and then transfer them to your PC. The SNYPER LTE Spectrum version enables multiple (up to 50) surveys to be carried out and stored sequentially for review later. That is 50 x LTE(4G) surveys, aswell as 50 of the combined UMTS(3G) & GSM(2G) surveys.

Supplied in its own hard carrying case, the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum is designed for continuous professional use over many years, with the robust enclosure and rubber surround providing additional shock protection. A multi region power supply is also included for charging of the unit through its USB port. 

What's in the Kit?

The kit comprises of:

  • SNYPER-LTE Spectrum High Performance Cellular Signal & Network Analyser
  • 2 Antennas:
    • Antenna 1(Blue) - general purpose LTE(4G), UMTS(3G) & GPRS(2G) coverage
    • Antenna 2(Silver) 2600MHz
  • Multi Region Charger with USB interface
  • Multi-purpose USB cable 
  • USB in-car charging adaptor
  • liveSCAN antenna and 1.5m cable

SNYPER-LTE Spectrum Antennas

LTE has many more bands of operation than the previous UMTS(3G) and GPRS(2G) networks, and whilst some are in the same area of the spectrum, others are higher, so the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum is supplied with two compact antennas, a general purpose coverage antenna(blue) for the 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies, and an antenna(silver) for use around the 2600MHz(B7) 4G band. The antennas may also be removed to allow direct connection of an on-site antenna, via SMA connector. This is particularly useful in determining the performance, or optimum network operator, for an existing fixed installation.

liveSCAN antenna

The liveSCAN antenna is a small but high gain, very directional Yagi antenna operating over the 800 to 2700MHz range to be able concisely determine the direction of maximum signal. The antenna is housed in a plastic enclosure and has a convenient handle for pointing the antenna with one hand and reviewing the signal strength graph on the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum with the other.

Battery Life

The SNYPER-LTE Spectrum's large rechargeable battery ensures up to 48 hours of use between charges, making the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum a highly portable solution. The unit will also automatically power down after a period of inactivity, maximising battery life.

Note- auto power off can be changed in the "set up" menu if required. 

UMTS(3G) & GSM(2G) Surveys

UMTS(3G) and GSM(2G) surveys, the SNYPER-LTE Spectrum can determine the strength of a particular network signal, or can review all available network signals in the area of use, and rank these in order of strength through its summary page

The UMTS(3G) & GSM(2G) also have access to a summary page, an incredibly powerful feature allowing network operator choice to be made based on both signal strength and number of usable cells, with all data visible concurrently. The SNYPER-LTE Spectrum also has a number of signal strength thresholds within the summary page, providing a more concise view where only signals above a certain dB level are of interest.


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