Achieving Cellular Reliability

Phil Barron

Posted 28/06/2017
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Can Send, Will Send – Robust M2M Solutions

Getting information from remote locations without visiting the sites can be performed via cellular solutions. However, the issues encountered by just deploying a modem with basic operational software can be costly if the software is set up for perfect conditions only, i.e. if the cellular network never goes down.

What happens when the network goes down or if there is a random disconnection? This is one of the common difficulties along with the need to detect which network is being connected to, or the particular requirements of the connected equipment, etc.

Siretta have developed the linkCONNECT series of modems that deals with all of these problems and issues. The linkCONNECT modems control themselves, work-out-of-the box and are agnostic of what is connected to them. We have dealt with all the common problems so that the linkCONNECT modems are simplicity to use with any application requiring GSM connectivity.

The linkCONNECT modems are based on our reliable and well proven quikCONNECT modem range (ZEST, ZETA and ZOOM families) with our linkCONNECT software added to make an unbeatable range of smart, always connected, self managing modems in 2G & 3G technologies. In time we will have a 4G offering as well.

What are the features of the linkCONNECT self managing modems?
• Auto detection of network (standard for UK networks – on demand for other country networks)
• Agnostic of equipment and operating systems connected to it
• Auto connect / reconnect to network
• Intelligent modem – automatically delivers all data presented to it (bi-directional)
• Adds cellular connectivity to dumb equipment
• Reliable, automatically connected cellular connection under all network conditions.

linkCONNECT can be set up to perform in client mode where a node is required to initiate connectivity based on an alarm, alert or other form of notification of an event.

linkCONNECT may also be configured to work in server mode where a controlled polling of nodes(e.g. a set of vending machines) is required for updating purposes.

For more on linkCONNECT, click here.

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