In-vehicle WiFi with TANGO36 ceiling mounted MiMo antenna

Posted 01/08/2016
Siretta's latest MiMo antennas combine WiFi with 3G/4G cellular connectivity.

The Tango 36 antenna is a 3 antenna MIMO Wifi antenna for both frequencies – 2.4 and 5GHz. The three antennas operate in the three planes thereby maximising multipath signal reception and minimising signal fade due to multipath interference.

The Tango 36 is housed in a weather proof, bolt thru, 90mm dome for ceiling mounting. It is robustly built and IP65 rated for a long and durable life. It has a zinc plated steel backing plate and stainless 12mm fixing stud. A stainless steel backing plate version is also available as a special order. Check out the new Tango 36.

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