Outside antennas with long cables - how much signal do I lose?

Posted 27/10/2016
Using an outside antenna omni type or Yagi directional is generally done for maximising signal reception by placing the antenna for best reception. Trouble is the best location for an outside antenna generally means a long cable back to the user or equipment the antenna is connected to. Ever thought how much signal is being lost from antenna to equipment with the long cables? The answer is – more than you generally would think.

The antenna is sited for best reception but the increased signal is quickly negated by long cables. This is where it makes sense to think about low loss cables from antenna to equipment. At cellular frequencies the loss through normal cables is considerable per metre and and gets worse the higher the frequency (wifi and 2.6GHz LTE etc). However, substituting RG58 or RG174 standard RF cable with a low loss type will most likely halve the signal loss due to the cable itself. This effectively means that your antenna is twice as sensitive as it was with standard cable….

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