Remote Monitoring using Mobile/GSM Network

Posted 02/08/2016
Many companies with remote sites and outbuildings require monitoring of their equipment on a regular basis, to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.
This monitoring could be in the form of checking temperature, humidity, pressure and other parameters, or could be in the form of smoke detection, gas detection, door open/close etc.
Scenarios for Mobile Network only Monitors:
1: Most remote sites do not have a broadband/internet connection or a Local Area Network. This is where remote monitoring equipment using the GSM/mobile network is unbeatable.
2: There are also situations where companies prefer a monitoring solution that is independent of their Local Area Network, to ensure that they will still receive alerts regardless of their server /network condition.
Argon 100: Simple, reliable temperature monitor that sends SMS, email and phone call alerts when the temperature goes outside the limits set by the user. Data history can also be sent to the user in spread-sheet format as an email attachment.
The Argon 100 be configured using a PC or a mobile phone with text messages. Up to 10 recipients can receive the alerts, ensuring that warnings are not missed.
• Works out of the Box (requires SIM)
• Temperature monitor with email, SMS and phone call alerts
• Configurable with a PC or with Text messaging
• Quad Band GSM frequencies - Can be used anywhere in the world
• Request current status via SMS
• Delivered with all accessories (requires SIM and Sensor)

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