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Zorik Danelian

Posted 06/01/2017
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Keeping control of expensive assets, be in servers, equipment, stock, perishables or even antiques is critical to businesses as they invariably need to be kept in conditions that suit them best. These kind of products are rarely manned and are normally kept in a room or a warehouse and are only accessed when needed. They all need to be kept in a specific temperature and/or humidity range that suits them best to allow them to function or to keep in optimum condition.

The best way to guarantee that these essential assets are kept in a suitable environmental condition is to make sure that the temperature and humidity they are subjected to is within acceptable limits. Some products will also need to be kept away from excessive light and in all cases they need to be protected from flood.
There are a number of ways to monitor these goods but the most efficient way is to receive email notification as soon as the conditions under which these goods should be kept are exceeded.

There are a number of free to use building management products available that allow alerts to be sent in the event of any of critical parameters being exceeded. The most popular is called Nagios but like any software, it requires hardware to sense the environment to trigger te alarm. Siretta offer a range of products that are compatible with Nagios and can measure temperature, humidity, light, flood and voltage. The EM01b family of environmental sensors can be expanded to measure many products in one building and send alarms when critical conditions are met. All you need is Ethernet connection and the EM01b hardware will do the rest with the help of Nagios.

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Monitoring using GSM network

Many companies employ outbuildings that house expensive assets, be it for storage or working equipment that are essential to their business. Making sure these expensive products operate in an optimum temperature is a must. An email or an SMS alert can warn operators of impending issues that are likely to arise and incur irrevocable damage.
A good number of these outbuildings do not have access to the internet, so monitoring them using the GSM network is the only reliable option.

Argon 100 is an easy to use and install GSM based temperature monitor that will measure the temperature of its surroundings and send alerts in the form of SMS, email or phone call. It can be configured using the included free configuration software or, remotely by sending it SMS messages. Users can also make sure all is working correctly by sending an SMS message to the Argon 100 and enquiring its current status.

gsm remote monitoring with ARGON100

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