SNYPER-LTE - the definitive cellular tester range from Siretta

Nick Lidington

Posted 31/05/2017
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The range is developing fast!

The SNYPER range from Siretta has found favour with many customers now on a European scale. The formula works well and is now being used in a diverse set of user situations.

Here at Siretta the development and refinement of the SNYPER range is intense and will yield new products and enhancements in the months to come. For example: In the near future all SNYPER models will be shipped with a range of the popular European languages for user selection on a drop-down menu. A number of other new features will also be available as user-paid-for- downloads for current models (latest 3G and LTE models).

Additionally, new versions of the SNYPER are also under development offering significant new functionality over the current range.

Keep focusing on the SNYPER web pages to see the announcements as we make them.


Tags: Network Strength Cellular Analyser signal tester LTE Signal