Automatic meter reading

Remotely monitoring gas, electricity, water or any other kind of meter

Automatic meter reading can apply to any suite of meters whether electric, gas or water but is likely to apply to electricity mostly as part of a smart grid. As is likely, meters will be of all different types dependant on when they were fitted. The older types will be dumb meters where the newer types are likely to be Smart meters. Additionally, the sites for these meters maybe anywhere. Siretta smart modems are designed to fit into these situations and environments and enable automatic meter reading and data posting very easily.  The approach to AMR can be in two ways:  

  • The first approach - dumb meters installed and need Smart GPRS/3G modem.

The easiest and quickest way of getting AMR set up is to use either the LC200 or LC300 "self-managing" (linkCONNECT) modems. This makes the system protocol independant and is agnostic to any existing AMR software platform. The linkCONNECT LC modems have all the programming required to handle all data presented by the meters and transmit that in a transparent way. The installer or system integrator does not need to know about the API of the AMR software or the meter protocol.



  • The second approach - Smart meter and dumb GPRS / 3G modem. 

Using either our standard ZEST or ZETA modems the smart meter or AMR software will need to be programmed to perform the AT command sequences needed to initiate the ZEST or ZETA to perform the tasks as required, but is the lowest hardware cost way of remotely reading meters.


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