Fuel distribution

Connecting up fuel distribution depots to the IoT

Fuel depots serve haulage companies, and the transport facilities of supermarkets, retailers, councils and many more establishments in providing centralised or strategically located fuel resources for movement of goods and services across localities, countries and continents, around the clock. Being a fundamental part of the operation it is vital that supplies are constantly maintained, downtime and hiccups are kept to a minimum and that key parameters are monitored and reported.

Wireless connectivity solutions are at the heart of fuel distribution applications, especially for remote locations and for avoiding the need to dig up fuelling depots to lay cables. The wireless systems deployed as part of these solutions are responsible for monitoring vital transactions every day. The "always ON" environment and development time constraints demand a robust solution that can also be deployed quickly. Apart from serving end customers, wireless connectivity is essential when it comes to predictictive maintenance of the overall system. The application of a robust wireless system goes even further when it comes to intelligence gathering for cost savings, enhancing customer experience and efficient business planning.

fuel distribution, M2M and the IoT


How do Siretta’s solutions help?

Siretta introduced the linkCONNECT wireless solution in response to customer demand for a reliable cellular connection, able to counteract the vagries of the cellular network. linkCONNECT is a complete wireless solution based on Siretta modems and proprietary software to automate the flow of data to and from a site. Simply select the parameters to enable the device to connect to your server and your system is ready for wireless communication. Yes! it is that simple.

linkCONNECT can be tuned to application requirements. Depending on the system setup, linkCONNECT can be supplied as a pass through solution or as an intelligent solution that is capable of making decisions along with providing end to end wireless connectivity.

Our customers have been benefitting from our expertise for many years. Here are some of the benefits that they have been experiencing

  • High return on investment
  • Cost savings
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Reduced risk
  • Quicker time to market
  • Future proof Solutions
  • Platform agnostic design

Siretta works with customers to provide solutions in many other applications using the linkCONNECT solution. Siretta has a new flyer showing more about linkCONNECT and some of the applications in which it can be used.

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