Low cost GSM temperature Monitor with Email, SMS and Phone Ring notifications.



  • Works out of the box (requires SIM)
  • Global Quad Band GSM/GPRS Engine
  • Up to 10 Numbers for SMS Temperature Alerts
  • Up to 10 Numbers for Ring Out Temperature Alert
  • 1 metre temperature sensor supplied with the Argon
  • Temperature alerts also sent via SMS and Phone call
  • Programmable via SMS
  • Request current temperature via SMS
  • Other sensors available 1, 3, 5, 10m lengths and waterproof types as well

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The Argon 100 GSM Temperature Monitoring System fulfills the promise of being able to monitor temperature anywhere in the world with GMS coverage but at a low cost and with simple set up. It appeals to the individual and those with a crucial business requirement alike.

The Argon 100 is a compact solution to monitor temperature over GSM. The Argon100 is perfect for a wide range of applications where the user requires up-to-date temperature information or notifications. The Argon 100 will send SMS or Email notifications over the GSM network alerting you if the temperature goes outside the user-defined safe limits i.e. goes to hot or to cold. This device is simple and straight forward to setup via software or SMS configuration commands.

The user can request the current temperature by sending a text message to the device, shortly after you'll receive an SMS with the current temperature level. This unit is great solution for remote monitoring whether a single device or a virtual network of them.

SIM Requirement

The Argon 100 GSM is a quad-band device. All major 2G enabled SIMs are supported. (worldwide)

Argon Alert Modes

The Argon has three alert modes which can all be enabled together or separately so if the temperature goes outside the safe limits you've set you’ll be notified.

Email – Argon will email up to ten assigned addresses via a cloud based server.

SMS – Argon will send an SMS text message to up to 10 mobile numbers.

Ring Out – Argon will dial up to 10 telephone numbers to ‘ring the phone’ The incoming caller ID tells the receiver that the Argon 100 is calling with a temperature issue. This option is compelling as it is much harder to miss a call compared to an SMS ring tone.

To get the value of the current temperature, the user can just send an SMS to the Argon. The current temperature will be sent back by the Argon via SMS.


How it Works

The Argon comes with all the accessories you need including a 1 metre temperature sensor but with the exception of a SIM card. Other sensors are available as accessories for the Argon.  Any SIM card can be used, as long as it is 2G enabled (check with the network) and does not have a pin protection.

All required software is provided. All you need to do is power up this unit, connect the antenna and insert the SIM card. Once you have network connection (see instruction manual), you can set up your sensor safe ranges, email addresses, and Phone numbers for text and phone call and you are ready to go.


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