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SNYPER-LTE goes multi-lingual

With any instrument, the value is in its ease of use and the benefits it delivers.

Achieving Cellular Reliability

Can Send, Will Send – Robust M2M Solutions Getting information from remote locations without visiting the sites can be performed via cellular solutions. However, the issues encountered by just deploying a modem with basic operational software can be costly if the software is set up for perfect conditions only, i.e. if the cellular network never goes down.


How is moving to cellular going to help us?

Robert is a design engineer in an organisation looking towards the future, but struggling for inspiration. The organisation has held a good position in its market place, manufacturing and supplying vending machines to garage forecourts. The vending machines are typical of the types you see for checking and inflating vehicle tyres.


How can 'machine-to-machine' (M2M) Connectivity take your Business to another level?

How can "machine-to-machine" (M2M) Connectivity take your Business to another level? A question that requires answering for many business leaders, managers and engineers immersed in the bombardment of information around the "Internet of Things"(IoT). It may be that you are coming at this for the first time, or you may be deeply involved in many years of communication solutions.


Frustrated with unreliable cellular connections?

When it comes to monitoring remote equipment, are you frustrated by connection drop-out on the cellular network? Or does the thought of having to find a way around it fill you with horror? Manually re-booting connections when drop-out occurs is not an option, especially when large distances are involved. There’s help at hand with Siretta’s linkCONNECT solutions


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