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Distributors choose Siretta as their M2M supplier of choice

What do you do when you want to represent a wireless M2M supplier with unrivalled product offering? You choose Siretta.

Remote monitoring the easy way

Keeping control of expensive assets, be in servers, equipment, stock, perishables or even antiques is critical to businesses as they invariably need to be kept in conditions that suit them best. These kind of products are rarely manned and are normally kept in a room or a warehouse and are only accessed when needed. They all need to be kept in a specific temperature and/or humidity range that suits them best to allow them to function or to keep in optimum condition.


Yagi or not Yagi - That is the question

Had a call from a customer the other day, saying a competitor’s cellular Yagi antenna was no good, even though they claim it is very high gain. As Siretta offer a number of good quality Yagi antennas, I thought this would be a sale opportunity. Asked few more questions only to find out he had installed his antenna facing the building. Explained Yagi antennas are good but not that good and he should really install his antenna in as clear a line of sight to the base station as possible to get a good result. A couple of days later he called back thanking me. It seems I can spot a good sales opportunity but not the sales. Anyhow, the question of whether to use a Yagi or an omnidirectional antenna is a valid one.


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