Cloud based M2M applications

Many M2M applications are made simpler and easier to implement using Cloud based services

Setting up any M2M applications such as remote monitoring, flood warning systems or any repetitive sampling type activity requires some knowledge of modems, AT commands and software application of the control / receiving end. This limits the M2M appeal to those who can understand the detailed technicalities of how to set this up and make it work.  M2M's growth and appeal is that there are millions of worthwhile applications that would be used if there was a simple and effective way of setting them up for people that are not software or electronic engineers. Cloud based services is where this takes place.

For example CLOUDAXS is the Siretta cloud based service. It is a server that has been set up and put in place for anyone to access from either the mobile phone network or the internet via a log-in portal and then username and password.

What does it do?  

A good example of use would be the need to monitor a number of refrigerators for temperature on a regular basis (hourly for example). And for this information to be available as a data table or graph from one date to another.  Additionally you may need an alarm signal for out of desired parameter situations.  The best way of handling this would be to have as many "self-managing" modems (Siretta modems with Siretta's linkCONNECT software) as there are refrigerators in the network and each with a temperature sensor placed in a refrigerator. The Cloud AXS server would then be set up by the user logging in and adding each modem with a unique name to the server.

The service would then be set up:  

  • at what intervals do you want the server to take the temperature of each refrigerator?
  • What parameters (C˚ or F˚)?
  • What accuracy?
  • Do you want a table or graph to be produced?

This is all that needs to be setup for the refrigerators' temperature to be monitored and logged hourly by the CLOUDAXS server. Each linkCONNECT modem can be programmed by the user to receive alarm SMS texts to a number of mobile phone numbers.  The SMS is sent if / when a refrigerator temperature goes outside the user set temperature range. The CLOUD AXS server and the linkCONNECT modems are then ready to operate and continue to do so until the user changes the 'programme'.  

Retrieving the information... this again is simplicity for the user - a PC/Mac connected to the internet is all that is required. Open the browser and go to the CLOUDAXS login page and login. This takes the user to his/her part of the server. At this point the user will be able to see all the data collected on the network of refrigerators or a selected part as desired and have it presented in any way the server can present it. The info can be downloaded at will.  In this way M2M set up and use is as diverse as the users imagination and requires no real software knowledge or electronics and modem knowledge thanks to the user programmable Siretta CLOUD AXS server.


CLOUDAXS login page




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