Flood Monitoring

With recent flooding events causing so much damage and personal inconvenience to many, a good flood monitoring system could prevent serious damage and a great deal of money if action is taken in time.

To do this a reliable flood monitoring system is needed. However, there are many challenges to implementing such a system – typically these are:

  • A wide area to monitor, often covering a large and scattered country area.
  • The need to operate in a harsh outdoor or underground environment.
  • No availability of power source and where solar power is unlikely to be appropriate at sites.
  • No wired phone lines to use.
  • Direct cabling is expensive and prohibitive.
  • Difficulty in maintaining such a system, especially near a riverside or any other rural location etc.
  • Needs to be easy to install and vandal proof.
  • The need for a minimal running cost.

The Siretta Activsense GSM/GPRS modem range can be battery powered and fitted as a data logger and is very suitable to be part of a large scale flood monitoring system. The modem is connected to a simple and rugged float switch sensor to detect any abnormal water level, and/or interface to a flap valve sensor for back flow sensing. The Siretta modem can be battery powered for up to 10 years without maintenance (depending on the desired datalogging intervals). The ActivSense modems can be deployed anywhere where flood monitoring is required and can form a network over an area by connecting over the mobile phone network to the Siretta CLOUDAXS server.

Each flood modem has an identity set up on the CLOUDAXS server by the user and the CLOUDAXS software monitors each modem and logs its water level data at a frequency set by the user. Besides an instantaneous alarm signal being sent to the CLOUDAXS server when an alarm condition is sensed, the ActivSense modem can report a daily health status such as “still alive”, site RF signal strength and battery condition.  In addition, any or all ActivSense modems can be set up to activate a device at a site such as a sluice gate or valve, either as an automatically set up situation (CLOUDAXS software - simple user set up menu) or under user direct control from the CoudAXS internet portal.


No matter how large or small the flood monitoring requirement is, a suite of ActivSense modems, level or back flow sensors all connected via the GSM/GPRS network to the user driven CLOUDAXS server is a scalable, reliable and low running cost flood monitoring system. Read the CLOUD AXS info to see how easy and reliable this service is to set up and run for a flood monitoring system.   One system can also be set up but organised into ‘areas’ with a set number of ActivSense modems in each ‘area’  as required. Anyone can use the CLOUDAXS server and service by logging into its portal and registering for a service that suits the application. There is a monthly charge depending on the number of modems connected and the data logging and device activation service required.  The CLOUDAXS server has a 24/7 guaranteed service up-time.

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