Vending Machines

Vending Machines and M2M

Machine to machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) have provided major benefits to the early adopters. Pace has picked up such that a variety of markets and applications also want to realise similar and greater benefits, many in areas that to date have not yet experienced machine to machine as a technology at all.

Benefits from being in close touch with remotely deployed assets and devices manifest themselves in substantial cost savings, greater performance and profitability, aswell as improvements in operational efficiencies.

One market sector and application area benefiting from m2m communications is that of Vending machines.

Security and service are key factors for all types of vending applications.

The challenges faced by the industry are to overcome inefficient, ineffective service patterns, discrepancies in revenue levels and inventory levels, stocking of the wrong inventory etc.

Imagine though, being able to check the status of machines in real time.

This could provide the data required to:

  • Save Costs - optimise workforce operation meaning that servicing is apportioned to the machines in greatest need of attention.
  • Monitor cash security.
  • Increase Sales – better management and control of products
  • Spot trends and monitor new introductions
  • Increase operational efficiency - reconcile takings to inventory depletion
  • Increase operational efficiency - machines are well stocked and maintained

Vending machines and M2M

All of these factors and others add up to the major goal for vending machine suppliers, which is to provide the consumer or workforce with a positive experience.

In the competitive vending market it is important that a slick operation and quality result are gained by consumers or businesses. Businesses will take seriously the role that vending machines play in staff performance levels and productivity.

In addition, responses to faults and breakdowns need to be swift in order to ensure machines are operational as quickly as possible.

So how could this level of service be enabled?  M2M technology, provides the connectivity that allows monitoring of remote assets and devices. Key data can be accessed via the internet/cloud medium, stored, analysed and displayed such that personnel operating from an office location can act quickly or make planning decisions based on the received data.  

A popular method for making this kind of connectivity possible is to use the cellular network. Siretta manufactures industrial modems that will provide the communication link between the remote device and an office location using the cellular network. 2G, 3G and 4G industrial standard modems are available from entry level through to intelligent devices. These modems provide an ideal platform for product development teams who want to add their software expertise to effect a robust solution.

For those who want an "out of the box" solution, then Siretta has developed it's linkCONNECT family, robust intelligent solutions providing highly reliable cellular connectivity. 

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Siretta has a track record over a number of years, supplying m2m communication solutions.


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