IoT connected next generation secure door entry systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications are making big differences to businesses.

Door entry systems or electronic access control systems are one of the biggest and rapidly growing market segments within the IoT industry. This is partly due to the increase in safety measures as a result of security concerns from elements such as terrorism and crime.

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing how we conduct business. Businesses within the electronic access control industry are now seeing the benefits of secure and connected systems. Some of the benefits include better control through predictive maintenance as well as a significant reduction in operational costs as a result of reduced site visits.

Due to the challenges presented by door entry systems, a secure and reliable connection is imperative. Time and budget constraints often make chip level wireless system design and integration unviable.

Siretta provide plug and play wireless connectivity solutions that are customisable to individual requirements. Our platform agnostic and industry approved mobile wireless systems will get you connected in no time.

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