Connect, monitor and control any meter.

Connect and control water, electricity and gas meters:

Utilities metering is one of the largest and fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) segments. It also has one of the fastest IoT adoption rates around the world. A growing number of utility service providers are using the IoT to save costs and to offer greater value to their end-customers. Connected meters allow real time monitoring of meters and hence put the end user in control of how much they use.

Connected meters also save operational costs in terms of individual site visits for meter reading and maintenance. Siretta offer meter model agnostic connectivity that can turn any meter into a smart device to monitor and control various parameters. This allows utility companies to simply plug our complete mobile based solutions like the smart linkCONNECT solutions or a simple Siretta ZEST based solution if you already use a smart meter.

So whether its predictive maintenace or unlocking tremendous value for your end customers, see how we can help.

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