A new advanced platform for LTE & GSM signal analysis

Deploying LTE cellular connected equipment for M2M applications and more needs reliable signal strength and bandwidth…

An obvious statement perhaps - but in remote areas signal strength is often an issue. Additionally, base station capacity will present many of the same problems in built up areas as the volume of LTE connected equipment grows.

The Siretta SNYPER cellular signal analysers have been designed to assist field engineers in achieving reliable GPRS, UMTS and LTE connections when deploying remote cellular equipment.

The new SNYPER-LTE represents a step change in the evolution of cellular signal test equipment, a game-changer bringing major benefits to the process of adopting of LTE as a main and reliable communication medium. The new SNYPER-LTE design fulfils its brief perfectly and offers a great return on investment in it. The new family includes the SPECTRUM version offering store & download of performed surveys along with the Siretta liveSCAN feature - giving real time signal ‘hotspot’ and best signal direction finding.

Key features of the SNYPER-LTE:

• Determining LTE, 3G and 2G signal strength of all base stations within the immediate location along with MNO identification of each base station
• Breakdown of survey results into key parametric information enabling choice of MNO and / or position of antenna
• Assess performance of existing antenna systems
• Storage of up to 50 performed surveys in detail
• Download of any or all saved survey results to a PC – viewable in easy to understand HTML format or CSV table
• ‘traffic light ‘ style assessment of signal strength of each base station
• All SNYPER-LTE models include a rugged carry case and all accessories necessary for complete long term ‘in-the-field’ professional usage usage

The SNYPER-LTE is a key tool in determining reliable LTE & GSM connectivity, optimising uptime and improving the resilience of cellular connected systems and ensuring high quality of service of capability in M2M applications.

Take the guesswork out of LTE/GSM connectivity by using the SNYPER-LTE in all cellular equipment installations.

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