Passenger Information Systems

Real time passenger information

Bus passenger information systems or Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems provide live information about arrival times of buses across a county.  The systems use passenger information displays (digital signs) fitted at bus stops and each bus is fitted with a GPS tracking device.

The passenger information systems make use of cloud computing to track the position of buses in the area and calculate the arrival time to be displayed on the real time information system at the bus stop. 

The passenger information systems provide many benefits to the operators and users including:

  • Increased use of public transport over others
  • Accurate information for passengers - wherever they are
  • Promote bus use
  • Improve brand strength


Bus passenger information systems using M2M Iot Modems


Siretta offers several products which can be used within the bus passenger information systems. Our 2G and 3G modems include linkCONNECT technology to establish a RS232 virtual cable replacement link - designed to easily upgrade legacy equipment to connect to the IoT. 

Siretta modems include GPS options for vehicle tracking and we also manufacture the GPS / GSM antennas and high quality RF connecting cables.  The modems are designed with a wide input operating voltage and so are suitable for use on vehicles such as buses, coaches and others.

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