IP65 GSM/GPRS & 3G 1/2 Wave Whip Antenna 3M SMA Male



  • Quad Band GSM / GPRS
  • 3G / UMTS
  • Through Hole
  • SMA Male

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The Tango 18 is Siretta’s HIGHEST GAIN, through-hole mount antenna. It is a superior ½ wave whip antenna, tuned to the cellular quad band GSM and 3G operating frequencies. The Tango 18 has a metal base with serrated edge to grip the surface it is being bolted to. The base has an O ring and the antenna body has a rubber cap that clips over the body when screwed in place which seals the antenna from moisture ingress.

The Tango 18 is high performing with superior gain, made possible by its ½ wave radiating element that outperforms most ¼ wave antennas. The Tango18 is highly suited to performance demanding applications, for example those in remote locations or weak signal areas, yet still needing a rugged and weather resistant solution. The Tango 18 is Siretta’s antenna of choice for any application that is situated in rural or signal dip areas that experience poor signal strength. 

The Tango 18 is tuned to quad band GSM/GPRS, & 3G/UMTS frequencies, making this antenna a mainstream performer. Its wide operating frequency band allows for worldwide cellular applications over the quad band GSM/GPRS networks and also high data transfer rates via 3G/UMTS. The Tango 18 achieves a high peak gain of 4 dBi, making this our highest gain GSM Tango antenna. 

The Tango 18 is supplied, as standard, with 3 meters of RG174 coaxial cable, terminated with an SMA male connector. Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types can be supplied for volume orders.


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