JTAG Programming Cable for ZEUS / ZULU Intelligent Modems

JTAG Programming Cable


  • Connects ZEUS or ZULU Industrial Modems to ST-Link In Circuit Debugger
  • Allows debugging of code on ARM Cortex M4 Processor
  • Allows reprogramming of the on board flash on ARM Cortex M4 Processor
  • Allows real time control of the software

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The JTAG programming interface allows you to connect the mini JTAG connector port on the ZEUS terminal to the standard JTAG connector on the ST-LINK in-circuit debugger.

THE ST-LINK debugger and programmer interface connects to your PC over a standard USB port. The debugger allows the IDE to debug code running on the ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor on the ZEUS and allows reprogramming of the on board flash and real time control of the software. This is required for development of your own embedded application and for programming low level code into the ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor memory.

To communicate with the ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor with a standard compiler, use the JTAG interface cable to connect to the JTAG programming port. The JTAG programming interface allows you to connect the mini JTAG connector port on the ZEUS terminal to the standard JTAG connector on the ST-LINK in-circuit debugger.



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