2G/3G Self managing socket modems

linkCONNECT: LC400 series


  • Smart, self managing modem
  • Auto detection of networks
  • Agnostic of connected equipment or operating systems
  • Intelligent modem - automatically delivers all data presented to it
  • Adds GSM connectivity to dumb equipment - simply
  • Reliable, automatically connected cellular connection under all network conditions
  • Simple to set up and configure via text commands

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The linkCONNECT LC400 series of self managing modems makes connecting over the 2G or 3G networks simplicity itself.  The Siretta linkCONNECT software does all the hardwork for you and is easy to configure and work with. when connected to your equipment the LC400 series will auto negotiate and connect to any network and reboot as necessary to maintain connectivity to the internet and / or be monitored / controlled from anywhere in the world. 

The LC400 is truly 'plug-n-play' in that it requires no set up and is protocol transparet. Connect your equipment to an LC400 and any data it produces is transmitted automatically over the cellular network to the user or server as set up. The LC400 can also be operated in Client or Server mode.

The Siretta LC400 is an embedded modem (socket modem) designed to be fitted to a mating header connector on customers circuit board.  The header interface makes power, data and IO lines available to the designer to make full use of the advanced features available on this product. 


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LC400 2G 3G 4G modem


self managing 2G/GPRS socket modem with linkCONNECT software
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LC400 2G 3G 4G modem


self managing 3G/UMTS socket modem with linkCONNECT software
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