3G/4G/WiFi small size omni wall antenna



  • Very compact wall or pole mount antenna
  • 2300-2700MHz - gain 3dBi
  • 1710-2180MHz - 3dBi
  • 790-862MHz - gain 1dBi
  • 240mm length
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Compatible with 3G and 4G bands
  • Compatible with 2.4/2.5GHz WiFI

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The OSCAR 41 is a very compact wall or pole monted antenna that performs extremely well over the WiFi, 3G and 4G frequency bands. The antenna is only 240mm long with a diameter of 22mm. It is designed to screw to a flat surface with four screws or to be pole mounted with two U bolts.

The OSCAR 41 performs just as well on the upper two 2G GPRS frequency bands as it does on 3G/4G. This makes the OSCAR 41 a true all rounder in Europe covering 3G/4G/WiFi/Bluetooth - all with the same gain profile!  The OSCAR 41 is terminated in an N-type female connector and therefore needs a cable to go with it. Listed below are various lengths N-type male to SMA male cable assemblies - most are low loss cables and go up to 20 metres in length.


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