2G/3G/4G T bar adhesive antenna with 5M low loss cable & SMA male connector



  • 155 x 30 x 4.5mm 'T' bar
  • 700-824MHz - 0.5dBi gain
  • 1710-2170MHz - 1dBi gain
  • 2300-2700MHz - 2dBi gain
  • PRO100 low loss cable

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The ALPHA 40 has been tuned to give maximum gain at 4G (2600MHz) frequency but only slightly lower gain at 3G (2100MHz) and 2G (1700-1900MHz) frequencies. The ALPHA 40 can also be used for Bluetooth and WiFi applications with great success.

The antenna has two sticky pads to mount it wherever it is required. The pads ensure there is a small gap between the antenna and the surface it is to be mounted on. The antenna measures 155mm x 30mm and is 4.2mm thick.  The ALPHA 40 is supplied with PRO100 low loss cable as standard.  The ALPHA 40 is a competent performer and great value with this specification.


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