3G/4G/WiFi Ceiling mounted, weather and UV resistant, 2 port MIMO diversity antenna



  • 3G/4G/WiFi Bands
  • Highly suitable for transport market: Bus/Coach/Train
  • 2 port MIMO Diversity antenna - 1 x horizontal, 1 x vertical

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The Tango421 antenna is the perfect answer for any kind of on-the-move vehicle to be able to access 3G and 4G cellular networks reliably and with as much bandwidth as possible. The Tango 421 can be used with one half of the antennas accessing the mobile networks and the second antenna providing a WiFi or Bluetooth service within the vehicles to its occupants. 

The Tango 421 is a robustly built ceiling antenna that is weather and UV resistant for deploying on the roof of the intended vehicle. The antenna has a zinc plated steel backing plate with Stainless 12mm metal securing stud for mounting onto the vehicle. The antenna is two-in-one where one antenna is vertically polarised and the other is horizontally polarised, offering polarisation diversity to achieve maximum connectivity to the cellular network at all times.

A full stainless steel backed version is available to special order.

The corresponding MIMO WiFi antenna is the Tango 36.






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