GPS, IP67 Mag Mount GPS Antenna, 2.5M cable, SMAM Male connector - Mike 3A



  • GPS active antenna
  • Magnetic or adhesive mount
  • 28dB LNA gain

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The Mike 3A is a compact Dual Mount GPS antenna, tuned to 1575.42MHz. Its small footprint of 47 x 35mm allows this antenna to fit onto most surfaces comfortably, and with a modest height of 17mm, it provides an unobtrusive profile. Dual mounting: with its magnetic base and separate adhesive pad, the Mike 3A can be mounted onto a diverse range of surfaces via the two methods available. The Mike 3A’s IP67 rating makes this a well suited outdoor GPS antenna that can be used for a host of different GPS applications including: vehicle/fleet/asset tracking and mobile applications, amongst many other general positioning applications. 

The Mike 3A has a centre frequency of 1575.42MHz for GPS compatibility. The built in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) provides a 28dB gain that makes this a high performance antenna, necessary for a strong signal reception from visible satellites, as well as influencing a shorter time to fix to the satellites. 

The Mike 3A is supplied, as standard, with the following cable and connector options: 

Custom cable lengths and connector types can be supplied for volume requirements. 


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