IP65 Combined GSM/GPRS/3G & GPS Low Profile Antenna, 5M cables SMA Male connectors



  • Quad Band GSM / GPRS
  • 3G / UMTS
  • GPS active antenna
  • Combined GPS /GSM antennas
  • Through hole mounting

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The Tango 15 is Siretta’s LOWEST PROFILE through-hole mount, combination antenna that combines two separate antennas into a single package. This provides the user with a neat and tidy solution where you can avoid having to install two separate antennas. This can save you on both installation time and cost. The Tango 15, like the Tango 14, has an impressively small height of 18mm, so this antenna will sit barely above its mounting surface. The Tango 15 can be mounted securely inside or outside, with M12 screw thread and strong adhesive base. Therefore, this antenna can be used for a host of different GSM/3G & GPS applications including: car park metering, utilities metering, traffic monitoring, GPS tracking and many other M2M applications, especially those that require a covert solution. 

The Tango 15 contains 2 antennas built into a single package:
1) A quad band GSM & 3G/UMTS antenna,
2) An active GPS antenna.
The GSM/3G antenna achieves a respectable peak gain of 2.15dBi, whilst the active GPS antenna manages an LNA gain of 25dB. 

The Tango 15 is supplied, as standard, with 3 meters of RG174 coaxial cable, terminated with an SMA male connector. Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types can be supplied for volume orders. 

Please see the Tango 14 for the GSM/3G only version.


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