2.4GHz small, 21.5mm panel mount WiFi / Bluetooth antenna with 1.13mm Ø cable and IPEX / uFL connector



  • Mini panel mount stubby antenna
  • 21.5mm from tip to panel surface
  • 4.5mm diameter mounting stud
  • 5mm length threaded stud
  • 100mm length pigtail as standard
  • Indoor use only

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The Tango30 is a miniture panel mount antenna for 2.4GHz applications. An ideal antenna for either discreet use or when the panel or containing box size is also very small. A great solution for data logging and 'pass-by' data collection applications or control systems in a smart building that need connection to the network. The Tango30 can be manufactured with a custom length cable and a connector type (that will still go through the 4.5mm panel hole), for a MOQ. As standard, it comes with an IPEX / uFL connector and 1.13mm Ø cable which is 100mm long enabling some flexibility in mounting location. Indoor use only.


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