MMCX Right Angle to SMA Female Bulkhead - 100mm cable



  • SMA Female
  • MMCX male
  • RG174
  • Right Angle
  • Bulkhead

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The MMCX male right angle to SMA female bulkhead cable assembly is ideal for PCB / sub system to panel connection in a wide range of RF and wireless applications. The MMCX is a miniature board or panel mount connector featuring a snap lock mechanism with the mating half. Its construction also allows for a 360 degree rotation once engaged. This is connected to a bulkhead mount SMA female connector via RG174 cable.

The SMA is probably the most widely used RF interface connector with secure screw mounting to the mating half counterpart. Providing a simple means of bringing board level signals to an external I/O port, this assembly is available in four convenient lengths from 100mm to 250mm. Suitable for a range of industrial and professional applications, the use of high quality components and termination ensure a reliable service for both prototyping and production requirements. 

The RG174 is a compact 50 ohm cable with a typical minimum bend radius of 10.5mm. It is widely used in a range of RF applications including internal equipment signal routing and direct antenna connection.


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