Combined GSM/GPRS & GPS Puck Antenna 3M SMA MAle (GSM) SMA Male (GPS)



  • Dual Band GSM / GPRS
  • GPS
  • Combined
  • Adhesive

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The Alpha 7 is a compact, puck-shaped GSM & GPS combination antenna. This antenna combines two separate antennas into a single package that measures only Ø50 x 17.5mm. The Alpha 7 is well suited to most GSM & GPS systems that require an ‘all-in-one’ antenna solution. Combination antennas are perfect for applications where the use of multiple antennas is not an option for installation or space confinement reasons. Supplied with an adhesive base, the Alpha 7 is perfect for quick and simple installations onto a number of different surface materials such as: metal, glass, wood and plastic. More so, the use of an adhesive base takes away the need to drill holes or apply adhesive substances - simply ‘peel & press’ the antenna into its desired position. These features make the Alpha 7 very popular with vehicle and asset tracking applications. 

The Alpha 7 is built with two separate antennas inside: a dual band GSM antenna and a GPS antenna. The GSM antenna is a 900/1800MHz dipole providing GSM and GPRS coverage throughout Europe, Africa and most of Asia. The GPS antenna is built with a 27dB Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) to provide strong satellite fixing in most circumstances where the antenna has full view of the sky. 

The Alpha 7 is supplied, as standard, with two 3 meter RG174 coaxial cable (one for GPS, one for GSM), both terminated with an SMA male connectors. Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types can be supplied for volume requirements.


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