ISM 868MHz Flexi Antenna SMA Male



  • ISM - 868MHz
  • Direct Connect
  • SMA Male Connector

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The Delta 5A is a direct connect stubby antenna measuring 100mm in length. It is a ¼ wave, helically wound, omni-directional antenna dedicated to 868MHz. With a centre frequency of 868MHz, this antenna resonates on a more focused band than more general wide band antennas, such as quad band GSM, therfore providing far superior performance. This does however mean that the Delta 5A is limited to 868MHz only applications.

868MHz resides within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band. Common applications for ISM antennas are low power short range applications such as: wireless sensory monitoring, street light control, smart metering and security systems, just to name a few. 

The Delta 5A is supplied with ether a SMA male or for volume orders a reverse polarity SMA male connector.


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