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The Tango 20A is a compact, puck shaped antenna that offers compatibility with both GPS and GLONASS systems. Its small footprint of 46mm diameter means the Tango 20A can fit onto most surfaces comfortably, and with a modest height of 14.5mm, it provides an unobtrusive profile. The Tango 20A can be mounted securely inside or outside with its rubber seal gasket. Therefore, this antenna can be used for a host of different GPS or GLONASS applications whether that be, vehicle/fleet/asset tracking, mobile applications or various other global positioning purposes. 

The Tango 20A supports frequencies of 1575.42MHz and 1602.0MHz which allows for both GPS and GLONASS compatibility. The built in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) provides a 28dB gain that makes this a high performance antenna, necessary for a strong signal reception from visible satellites, as well as influencing a shorter time to fix to those satellites. 

The Tango 20A is supplied, as standard, with a 3 metre RG174 coaxial cable, terminated with an SMA male connector. Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types can be supplied for volume orders. 

For GPS only, please see the Tango 20


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