Antenna kit for directional liveSCAN 3G GSM surveys. For use with the SNYPER-3G Spectrum

SNYPER liveSCAN Antenna kit


  • Enables Live scanning for max signal strength when used with the SNYPER-3G Spectrum
  • Gives real time chart of 3G signal strength v. direction of antenna
  • Can 'lock' to a network and establish max signal direction
  • 1.5M of antenna cable to connect to SNYPER-3G Spectrum
  • Instruction guide with kit
  • Same rugged carrying box as SNYPER family

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The SNYPER liveSCAN antenna kit is an accessory to be used with the SNYPER-3G Spectrum signal analyser to establish maximum GSM signal strength direction.  Using liveSCAN produces a live, real time graph on the SNYPER display showing strength level with direction of the handheld antenna. Withe the antenna held in one hand and the SNYPER in the other and turing thru 360˚ the operator can see vsually from the real time graph being drawn on the SNYPER display which direction the maximum signal is.

This process can also be used to determine in which direction the largest GSM signal of all the networks in the area is coming, or,  the direction of the maximumum signal strength of a particular network as desired.

The SNYPER liveSCAN antenna kit comes with a 2G / 3G Yagi directional antenna with a convenient user handle. It comes with 1.5M of RG58 extension cable to connect to the SNYPER-3G Spectrum.  The kit is housed in a hard carrying case the same as that used with the rest of the SNYPER family.  

Combining the SNYPER-3G Spectrum with the liveSCAN antenna kit provides an industry leading solution that represents amazingly good value, a solution that will accurately determine maximum GSM signal direction for all networks or a particular network. 


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