ZOOM-EVK:Evaluation & Development Platform



  • Embedded applications
  • Network Connectivity for New & Legacy applications
  • GPIO
  • TTL or RS232 serial port
  • USB serial port
  • ADC (analogue to digital converter)
  • RTC (real time clock)
  • Power: 5V to 42V
  • Debug via USB port

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The ZOOM-EVK evaluation and development board is the perfect way of getting to know the ZOOM series of socket modems, and building an application for integration into your equipment. 

The ZOOM modem plugs directly onto the EVK providing convenient access to all of the ZOOM interfaces via the EVK’s D-Sub, USB and terminal block connectors. This includes the TTL, RS232 and USB interfaces, allowing you to control the modem from a connected PC or embedded micro controller. The EVK provides the following connections on the ZOOM modem: 

• TTL or RS232 serial port 
• 6 x GPO (general purpose outputs) 
• 4 x GPI (general purpose inputs)  
• USB serial port 

• Power control 
• ADC (analogue to digital converter) 
• RTC (real time clock) 

Debug is via the USB port only


The ZOOM-EVK has three terminal blocks to be able to easily connect external devices to the GPIO lines of the ZOOM. The EVK also has a series of jumpers for setting the GPIO status, power up options, and ZOOM LED connections to the modem and EVK board. 

The ZOOM-EVK board comes complete with a multi region power supply, RS232/USB cables, our Delta 2A GSM antenna and the Mike 3A GPS antenna, providing all the components for a working system - just add your choice of ZOOM modem.


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