Remote Alarm Panels

M2M and the control of multiple remote alarm panels

Monitoring alarm panels over many buildings and wide areas is an expensive and difficult to set up infrastructure using a radio based system or fixed telephone lines.  But using the Siretta CLOUDAXS service with GSM modems for M2M control produces a very attractive, simple solution that is inexpensive to deploy.

Picture hundreds of scattered buildings across the country that each have an alarm panel deployed that needs monitoring centrally - mobile network based M2M control is the perfect answer.

Within each building a Siretta CloudConnect modem monitors the alarm panel for any alarm situation. Each modem connects to the Siretta CLOUDAXS service, via the mobile networks to monitor each modem. In this way each alarm panel is monitored by a CloudConnect modem for any occurrence of an alarm situation from the alarm panel it is connected to. When an alarm situation is detected by any modem, the user predefined control message (UDM) is sent directly to the CLOUDAXS server recording all alarm messages. CLOUDAXS can then activate an output device such as a strobe light or announcement at the building where the alarm has been detected. The activation of the device is also via the same CloudConnect modem and over the mobile network.

The CLOUDAXS server has an internet portal to give total user set up, control and monitoring of all sites and devices. The portal can show all alarms as they happen and give human control of activatable devices at each site as well as automatic activation based on user set up criteria - anywhere in the world. All that is required is multiple numbers of CloudConnect modems - one for each building connected to the alarm panel and any required device that needs to be turned on/off - and a subscription to the CLOUDAXS service. The user / controller then simply registers each modem on the CLOUDAXS server for its identity and alarm criteria and any activation / control required at each site via the modem. The alarm panel monitoring system is then live and will collect the data and give alarms to the user as defined in the set up.

For security and full user knowledge of the network the CLOUDAXS service monitors all user registered modems at each site for its presence on the network and creates a user alarm if any modem cannot be seen by CLOUDAXS at any time. In this way the user has full knowledge and control of all sites in real time - a crucial requirement of monitoring alarm panels.


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