Signal Strength Tester with Multi-Survey Storage & USB download



  • SNYPER-3G Prism - as per SNYPER-3G but with super new features
  • Survey Results of 3G & 2G Operator's Signal Strength
  • ADDED FEATURE!: Typically, last 50 Saved Surveys stored onboard - regardless of power
  • ADDED FEATURE!: USB Download of csv file to PC of all saved survey results
  • ADDED FEATURE! Results can be displayed on PC in html format when html feature is enabled
  • Summary Display showing Operator Basestations available at specific strength levels
  • Supplied with Compact Antenna
  • Rugged Splashproof Design with Hard Carry case
  • Operates without SIM

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So you want a device that can perform a network survey on variable site(s), store the results from the different locations and then download them to your PC for reference and analysis.  Here's your solution, the SNYPER-3G Prism - a high performance cellular signal and network analyser for the 3G / UMTS and 2G / GPRS networks. It performs all the same tasks as our successful SNYPER-3G, but in addition adds super new features such as being able to store the last 50 saved surveys  - imagine the saving in noting down all those results, now you just write down the location corresponding to the survey and you're on the way to the next one - what a time saver!. Another new feature is the USB download, so that once you've finished your surveying you can transfer all the results in a csv file to your PC and then begin to make an informed decision. You can also set the Prism to display the results in html format on your PC. Ideal for those who need to take multiple surveys as part of their commissioning of wireless systems. As you may expect the SNYPER-3G Prism utilises the same design platform used in our advanced wireless terminals to provide market leading performance and functionality, at a highly competitive price.

The SNYPER-3G Prism can perform a number of different functions to determine optimum antenna placement, performance of existing installations or choice of network operator. The SNYPER-3G Prism offers great scope to the installation engineer, allowing you to determine the strength of a particular network signal, or by being able to review all available network signals in the area of use, and then rank these in order of strength through the SNYPER-3G Prism's summary page. With it's durable, yet neat looking carry case the SNYPER-3G Prism will sit well in any engineer's armoury.


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