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ARM BootloaderAPN 1 - Bootloader (ZULU) Application Note (Rev 1.4).pdf1.4Programmer functionality of the ZULU Bootloader
ZOOM ControlAPN 2 - Setup Using an External Controller (ZOOM) - Rev 1.2.pdf1.2Controlling the ZOOM modem using intelligent and non-intelligent devices
COM Port SettingsAPN 3 - COM Port Settings - Rev 1.1.pdf1.1Setting up a COM port using hyperterminal on a Windows Operating System
Modem TroubleshootingAPN 4 - Modem Troubleshooting - Rev 1.1.pdf1.1Troubleshooting guidance when ssetting up a modem
Signal Strength TableAPN 5 - Signal Strength Conversion - Rev 1.1.pdf1.1Generic signal strength conversion table between dBm / RSSI / Percentage
Access Webpages over GPRSAPN 6 - Request Time.pdf1.3General guidelines to access a PHP script over GPRS (Current Time Stamp)
Debugging PythonAPN 7 - Python Debug.pdf1.2Step by step guideline on the basic setup for tracing and debugging Python scripts
Send email over GPRSAPN 8 - Sending Email.pdf1.2General guidelines on how to send email using the GPRS network
Disable Python ScriptsAPN 9 - Disable active PYTHON scripts.pdf1.2Procedure and commands required to deactivate any active Python script
Server Connection over GPRSAPN 10 - New Data Socket Commands - Rev 1.2.pdf1.2Procedure to set up a GPRS data socket for incoming and outgoing connections
Google Lat/Lon ConversionAPN 11 - GPSACP Location Conversion - Rev 1.2.pdf1.2Conversion using GPS NMEA data messages in location based mapping solutions
Dial-up NetworkingAPN 12 - Dial-up Networking - Rev 1.2.pdf1.2Guide to establishing a dialup network connection using Windows and Linux platforms
GPS Position ApplicationsAPN 13 - GPS Positioning 1.1.pdf1.1Providing a GPS position fix / accurate time to your application
Modem Start-up GuideAPN 14 - Modem Startup - Rev 1.1.pdf1.1Startup guide to register device on the network and a few basic tests
Router Configuration UpdateAPN 15 - Router Configuration Update Using TFTP Application Note 1.1.pdf1.1The simplest process to configure your router is using Trivial FTP (TFTP), this application note explains the process in a simple to follow step by step guide
Optimised Network Connection ProcedureAPN 16 - Optimised Network Connection Procedure Application Note 1.1.pdf1.1Get the cellular engine within the ZULU/ZEUS up and running quickly