Ethernet Temperature and Humidity Monitor with PoE

T3610 - PoE


  • Temperature and Humidity Monitor with email alerts
  • Works with Power Over Ethernet PoE switches (No need for power supply)
  • Dual Line LCD Display
  • Displays current Temperature and Humidity values
  • Sends email alerts if any of the values go outside safe range
  • Can store up to 1000 records for each channel
  • Stored values can be downloaded into a PC in CSV format
  • Calibrated sensors

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Used in server rooms, warehouses, museums, galleries, factories and building HVAC management, the T3610 is a state of the art Ethernet based temperature and humidity monitor with the abilty to send email alerts when either temperature or humidity goes outside the limits set by the user.

The on borad LCD display will also show the current values of the temperature and humidity to allow visual cjeck of the environment.

The T3610 is a PoE device. This means that if you have a IEEE 802.3af compatible Power over Ethernet Switch in your network, there is no need to use a power supplly.

The T3610 can also act as a datalogger, as it can store up to 10000 values per channel. This stored data can then be easily downloaded on to a PC in CSV (spreadsheet) format for further analysis or record keeping.

The integrated sensors are are made of high precision capacitive polymer ensuring excellent long term calibration stability and great accuracy. The sensors are fully calibrated to EU standard.

For more technical minede amongst our customer base, the T3610 can also use SNMP, SOAP and Modbus TCP protocols. The ability to use SNMP trap also allows alarms to be sent, using third party software.


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