Information coming from trucks, lorries and shortly cars will continue to increase as a requirement and in many cases is already a legal necessity to provide. But how to get at the information and then have it available remotely from the vehicle?  This is a classic use of M2M over the GPRS/3G networks.  Much of the above requires sensors to monitor motion, temperature and acceleration in all its forms.  All the collection of information from a vehicle has to be concentrated and then sent to (most likely) the truck depot of the owner. The most convenient, reliable and cost effective medium for doing this is to use a capable modem and the mobile phone network.  A typical set up would be a Siretta ZULU modem that has provision for connecting sensors as required, it also has the computing power to set up any monitoring routine that is required by the truck owner. This needs to be programmed according to the owners requirements.

The ZULU modem is the unit that records all the sensed information about the truck by the sensors connected to it along with its internal sensors and then transmits this set of data at intervals set up in the ZULU. The data is sent via a GPRS or UMTS/3G link over the mobile phone network to the receiving server set up for the purpose, such as our 'CLOUDAXS' server and attendant software. The owner of the truck fleet wanting the data about any or all trucks whether it be their whereabouts, or what they have dropped off, or their remaining fuel level to check how much further they can go - is available to them by interrogating their data server where the ZULU modem has been sending the data.

The Siretta  'CLOUDAXS' server has already been set up for this kind of purpose and just requires a log-in.  The owner will then need to register all the vehicles and their modems and the parameters they want to see and the server then presents the information as required.  Certain parameters over a time period can be viewed as a table or a graph (as desired by the user).  The ZULU with its 32 bit computer control really makes the collecting of vehicle data easy and it is battery backed for the times where it is part of a trailer with no power. Additionally the ZULU is a rugged and compact item and is easily mounted on a vehicle in a discreet place. The ZULU's power supply capability goes up to 42V - more than enough for any truck electrics. The diagram shows the flow of information and the truck data being sent to the server on a continuous basis regardless of what the Data Recipient is doing. The Recipient only downloads the cleaned and relevant data as required by him/her.


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