Traffic Flow Control

This case study shows how Siretta quikCONNECT modems were chosen as a cost effective and reliable modem suitable for use in the relatively mission critical application of traffic flow control on road junctions, roundabouts and generally part of the traffic flow infrastructure in the UK.

Siretta has had a number of year’s involvement in the automotive/traffic sector of the market, supplying solutions into vehicle tracking, parking or traffic management. Here we cover one of these areas and our work with a major provider of traffic solutions. Our client commands significant global presence and as a result deploys vast numbers of traffic solutions covering all elements from small scale equipment through parking management, up to large scale traffic control centres.

As technology has evolved, so has the traffic solution, and with the gathering pace of machine-to-machine communications, the opportunity arose to utilise the GSM network as a means of monitoring their traffic systems remotely. 

This provided our client with the opportunity to:

  • Optimise performance of their traffic solutions
  • Reduce installation costs by not having to cable in a solution
  • Ensure running costs were lower than over fixed connections

In addition the system needed to:

  • Be user friendly and highly reliable
  • Provide clear real-time information which operators and systems could act upon quickly
  • Maintain best traffic flow conditions and ensure road safety is not compromised

Other features allow systems to be configured to provide access control based on for example, vehicle identity so that types of priority vehicles such as emergency vehicles, buses etc can be granted access through restricted areas.

The remote equipment is installed at traffic junctions to monitor the traffic light system. The system comprises of a core electronics sub system which interfaces to a GSM modem. Via the mobile network, key data on faults and status is reported back to a central location where it is processed and automatically generates maintenance and repair notifications. With response being so key to keeping traffic flowing smoothly and to ensuring road safety is not compromised, GPRS connection reliability via the modem is paramount.

When Siretta became involved the client was already using another M2M solution making it difficult to partner with another offering. Siretta maintained a presence whilst servicing other parts of the client’s business. Keeping regular contact with the client’s engineering and commercial teams meant Siretta were able to:

  • Keep close to the GSM connection issues and challenges the client was having
  • Stay abreast of changes within the client’s business
  • Keep the client abreast of Siretta’s new developments and related commercial information
  • Build a solid relationship with key stakeholders

As time progressed it became clear to the client that GSM connection reliability issues they were having with their encumbent solution were unlikely to be resolved to a satisfactory degree. Siretta and other providers were asked to put forward solutions for evaluation purposes. Siretta put forward a 2G wireless modem solution from the quikConnect ZETA modem range. Following close cooperation with the two technical teams, rigorous test trials and benchmarking, the ZETA modem was appointed as the new GSM connectivity solution based on the superior reliability of it’s GPRS connection.  

The original aims of the system set up relies completely on the integrity of a GPRS connection and with that in place the benefits experienced by our client’s end users will be realised in quicker response to fault conditions, greater up time, cost savings, minimised disruption, better traffic flow and safer roads.

For our client the efficiencies in resource deployment in areas of greatest need enable further cost savings and greater performance achievement.

Since reaching this juncture the client has deployed volume quantities of the quikCONNECT ZETA modem in their traffic solutions, cementing a solid long term relationship with Siretta and our M2M connectivity expertise.


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  • This case study covers one of our clients involved in providing traffic solutions. Communications at the heart of this application are provided via the quikCONNECT Zeta modem.

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