Transport communications

Data transmission on vehicles

Fleet management systems rely on data communications over a long distance to maximise efficiency and hence return on investment. These systems are transmitting information such as tyre pressure, location, stock  and other crucial data. An end to end robust communications system therefore plays a highly significant role in delivering the required results.

Fleet transport communications systems typically rely on in-cab mobile devices that are then connected to an antenna mounted externally on the vehicle. It is important that each component of the system including the device, the cables and the antenna are highly reliable. Siretta offer complete solutions for fleet transport communications. Years of experience in cross-industry m2m applications has enabled Siretta to provide complete and resilient connectivity solutions. Whether it’s the in-cab data modems, selecting the right antenna mounting type for your application or recommending low loss cables for optimum performance over longer cable runs, Siretta has a solution for you.

transport communications M2M applications

Antennas for mouting on vehicles & trailers

Siretta Tango through-hole mountable and all-weather antennas combined with our popular low loss cable range are ideal for fleet transport communication applications.

Tango Through-hole Antennas

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