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Key Features:
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and more with email alerts
  • Supplied with calibration certificate
  • In-bulit web browser with easy configuration and set up
  • View live data from anywhere in the world
  • Change configuration remotely
  • SNMP V1, Modbus TCP, SOAP, XML
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • PoE versions, no power supply required
  • email alerts, SMS/Text alert capability

Designed primarily with Temperature (and Humidity and Pressure) monitoring in mind, the Titanium series are available with internal and external sensors and with or without display. Titanium series are ideal for monitoring temperatures where a calibration certificate is a must and temperature accuracy needs to be better than +/-0.5°C.

Most requirements in this field are for remote temperature monitoring and remote temperature and humidity monitoring. The Titanium series offer variety of solutions to fit this application.

How do I add SMS/Text alert capability to the Titanium series?

The Titanium series of remote monitors send email alerts as standard. However, it is possible to add SMS/Text alert capability.

This is done by the additional purchase of CDB software and Sensormetrix GSM Modem kit. The DBS is an advanced piece of software that allows the user to monitor as many as 100 Titanium products in one portal. The DBS allows the user to configure each unit and automatically download the measured data on a regular basis for storing in Excel Spread-Sheet for later analysis ot audit purposes. The CDB will also allow live reading of the measured values and produce graphical representation.

One additional use for the CDB software monitor is that it can enable SMS/Text alerts if a GSM modem is connected to the serial port of the server it is installed in. Note that if you have a number of Titanium products in your system, you only need one DBS and one GSM modem to add SMS/Text alert capability to all your sensors.

Only one CDB monitoring software is required for all Titanium series installations. No annual fee is required.

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Extend your reach with Siretta quality, low-loss RF cables

Acquiring RF signals in poor reception areas (2G/3G/4G), short range wireless communication (line of sight for 433 and 868 MHz) or WifI connection in large buildings will require high gain antennas placed as high as possible to get the best reception. Problem is that the longer the cable length is from the RF equipment to the antenna, the higher the losses and consequently poorer reception. RG174 and RG58 are standard cables that everyone use for RF work, however the losses per metre escalate rapidly the higher the frequency goes. Antennas with cable lengths of 10M, 15M or 20M will suffer considerable loss over the length. It means that a more powerful transmitter and /or a more sensitive receiver is required. This all comes at a price in one way or another. Better to not have the losses there in the first place. Standard RG58 cable has an approximate loss per metre of 1dB at 2.5GHz - Wifi and Euro 4G frequencies. Bear in mind that a loss of 3dB of signal is actually halving the signal strength it is easy to see why systems are not very sensitive if they have long and standard cables to the antenna. Now take the LLC200 low loss RG58 equivalent it has a solid copper core and 2 levels of shielding and special connectors to accommodate the cable. It has a 0.55dB loss per metre at the same 2.5GHz frequency. Bearing in mind the logarithmic nature of measuring in decibels the signal arriving at the end 20M of RG58 cable at 2.5GHz is about 0.07% of what went it to the cable. Alternatively, using the LLC200 cable the signal arriving at the end of the cable is around 12% of what went in. 0.07% versus 12% is a massive difference in signal strength. This is the case for Siretta\'s low loss cable range! Siretta’s low loss extension cables provide the best solution in minimising losses and giving the required RF signal for a successful and continuous wireless connection. Generally speaking low loss cables are not very available as a stock item, however at Siretta we have a complete range of cable lengths and connector styles from stock or very short lead time. Available in cable lengths from 5m to 20m with a vast number of connector combinations, including, SMA, FME, N-Type and TNC etc. Look for the white cable marker telling that it is a Siretta quality cable, its part no. and length.....


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